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Friday, April 07, 2006

My chapter

I gotten back from Perth and ended a chapter of my life. A strong desire fulfilled and I'm satisfied with no regrets. Changing job soon but could be staying in the same company afterall.

There seems no changes in Singapore. Maybe it is the weather trick bah. Arrived in Perth in spring and is in autumn now with winter just round the corner and then spring would come again - The 4 seasons pass batons in every year. Singapore one-season weather is hot as ever with ocassional huge rainfall and thunderstorms. I conclude it is me who have changed.

Singapore is a far cry from Perth or in larger geographical sense should be Australian lifestyles which sees citizens, PRs and workers being happy and having a voice in them on a wonderful 4 seasons cities near oceans. That make the big draw as to why many immigrants choose Australia lately making her a truly cosmopolitan nation. Even Singaporeans studying in universities are common in Perth. Their strong family values see Perth shopping malls and shops closing at 5pm sharp. Their amicable inter-personal conversations to strangers make a genuine comparison to Singapore yes-and-no ordering around. Their level of trust in fellow human beings make me beaming with happiness and such joy and on top of that, knowledge and information are wisely exchanged and shared.

Close shaves with aircrafts defined the jittery moments of flying an aircraft in the heavy traffic at Jandakot Airport. Aircraft on mid downwind failed to spot aircraft on late downwind flying a wide circuit would hear the ATC screaming for brake right or left. Pushing the nose down to achieve finals speed of 65kts on a Cessna 172 with 30 deg of flaps for landing would visually see the aircraft flying into the runway threshold before flaring and hold off. Shutting the engine in simulation of an engine failure on a single-propelled aircraft like 172 is about whether you make it alive or dead. Instructors who were inexperienced and jittery kinda made the whole sortie a waste. Whether it was a vengence or a comeback, I did my solo flight.

Before my flight home, I took on a road trip to Bunbury, Augusta and supposedly to Albany, some 409km south of Perth at the southern most of Western Australia. Interesting enough with all the gorgeous geographical views - oceans, mountains, landscape, cows, sheeps, japanese babes, rural areas, lighthouse, fresh scallops and shark slices. Would post the pictures when I have the time. The trip would had been flawless when this happened. At about 10pm, driving at the legal speed limit of 110 in the total darkness with looming tall trees as the only car headlight driving into Shanon Forest Reserve on the single-laned Southern Western Highway, the car went out of control on a 180 spin on the highway. I steered the car onto the opposite right lane to avoid the hare crounching in the center of the road. When first took over the car at Bayswaters, we encountered unstable manourves on the 1.8L toyota hatchback with the back end always swerving out of control for a few seconds before regaining control. We figured it would be alright. Probably the sharp steer to the right lane was the last draw, the car spinned and ended up on the side of the road to a sudden halt with both my friend and I in total shock. We could have flipped or fallen into a valley in such total darkness on the rough up-down terrain. Gotten out of car and found that 2 tyres on the left came out of their rims with no other damages. No phone network and no visible lights or car on the highway. Stuck some 60km off to the nearest town and with another 200km to Albany. What a rough day! Luck came some half an hour later when a 4WD car came to a stop at our frantic lights flicking on-off and me jumping up-down like a monkey gone crazy in the forest reserve. Rested at a motel 60km to the nearest town and the car rental gave poor services and no further assistance so we caught a coach at the town and took a rail off Bunbury back to Perth. That roughly ended my stay in Perth. Oh, the hare survived the ordeal. We all did.

Drunk Jim Beam with coke till late night with all coursemates before departing home. All happy drunk with a tinge of sadness hanging in the air.

All my best to them and my heart goes to them!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Cause and effects.

Understanding cause and effect is simply realising the present is the state of the past and future aka the Three Periods in Buddhism. U are sitting on a chair now; that's present. Before that, you walked into your room; tt was the past. After that, you are going to stand up and leave the room; that's future. In simple explanation.

A devoted Buddhist.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A world lost?

Oh hell, what rights does this guy have to blog such things? Well, they are thoughts that come to me that the world is lost. So be appeased and be gone.

Entreprenuers slam: Damn you. The future is bright. My new high-T laptop would be selling like hot cakes.
Politicials proclaim: We have a great future ahead. Support our party.
Bosses: What world is lost? My workers still have to report for work tomo!
Hip-hop kid: I hip-hop. That's all I know.
Pub-goers: Let's get drunk and find some love tonight.

We spend our days blasting music into our ears and our vision engrossed in korean love drama, drowning in our own miseries, yearns and short-lived joy that we miss, ignore and misplaced our loved ones' appearances and voices.

Our revolution: Everyone becomes ignorant of each other. The feel's like "you better sympathise or agree with me else you aren't one of me." The world has not grown complex; the people have. The world is changing because people have changed. Our memory and heart have grown weak. We no longer recall the past like we used to. So much drive but so little reflections are done. Is the world lost? Sexual disorientation, rising serious crimes, ear-soothing and sweet-mouthing politicians, abiding citizens, complex hierachies, rich organisations, poor people and a pool of profit-ripping bosses - the world a better place? Heard so much about a better world but so little is done.

On hindsight, did it ever cross your mind how your long-lost primary school friends were getting on? Having spent 26 years on Earth, I sadly recognised that a part of me went missing. Those childhood friends were lost. Maybe kinda of sentimental these days, but oh yeah, I miss them.

Ask myself what I'm pursuing all this while. Confucius said this: A superior man sees more while a mean man bothers himself with the little things." I admittedly recognise I'm the mean man. For my mind and heart speaks as one now: I want a simple and fulfilling life spent with loved ones. Let's hope it's not too late to recognise now.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


The start of a new year is the time to reflect on past achievements, accomplishments and failures so as to make new resolutions, dreams and focus. I have 3 resolutions for year 2006 -

1. Have a stable career.
2. Settle down.
3. Rediscover myself

Training is never fun and smooth and when the mounting stress K.O me, I chanced upon the significance of letting go. Decided that if I do not make it as a pilot then I would choose another profession. Well, that does not mean I've given up; on the contrary, I'm givin my best shot. Hence nonetheless, my resolution is to secure a stable career in the new year.

Settling down might just be a thought rather than a new resolution for Year 2006 but I want it to be a resolution because that is one clear direction to move towards in the next 2 to 3 years.

The beauty of great minds and ideas always fantasies me. I'm more of a politically-right person than an outspoken individual with his perfect ideals and beliefs. This third resolution would be discover myself spiritually. What do we live for? Why are we here? What it takes to be compassionate and live a moral life? Having been taught 2 religions since young - Jesus Christ and the teachings of Buddhism, I'm a free thinker who is fated to Buddhism. Spare asking myself why this complicated; it's just the way it is. Of course, I don't like the usual Buddhist stuff in Singapore or Malaysia where we make huge material offerings and burn joss sticks blah... The temple's designs are dragons and blah blah - it irks me greatly. Here in Perth, I visit the Buddhist Bliss Mission. Communicate and learn Buddhist teachings in English or Mandarin. The place is a simple and serene private housing. I found my peace and myself and seek to rediscover myself in this new year 2006!

Breathe deeply for every second before the next flight and that's my answer to how precious time is.

Wishing a Happy New Year 2006! Lotsa of breakups ard the people I know in 2005 so definitely definitely 2006 would be a wonderful year for couplehood, romance and love. =)


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A day of reckoning

Reaching my SOLO check soon. Jittery and anxious over it. I arrive at the conclusion that I would put in my best to clear it. If I do not make the cut, then I return home and be my something else. No regrets. Find a new stable job and start all over again.

I learnt a great deal during these 3 months.

Love my family more.
Mum is always concerned.
Mum: Ni Yao Xiao Xi, Yao Xiao Xi hor.

Every flight is good as long as there is an equal number of takeoffs and landings. Flying is not dangerous but it does not mean there are no risks. Flying is how the risks are managed effectively by pro-active pilots. I treasure a day on earth much more. I arrive at calmness and internal peace. There is happiness. It aids me in my flying and makes me go easy on things and not be too hard on myself.

Friends are indeed hard to come by. I'm glad I made quite a few here. =)

Probably thinking of settling down after my flying stint. Have 2 kids by the time I'm 30. Life can be simple and easy. *U would be so happy reading this. Haha....*

I arrive at this definition of the word 'poor'.
"A man is poor when he does not realise what happiness is."

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Never let go.

The past week was like a dream but I knew very well it wasn't. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Not missing you.
The thought of parting tormented me.
I was never prepared.
I was caught off guard.
I was more than touched.
I was more than loved.
I had love.
Spared me the torture of letting your hand go.

For you are not missed.
Always here in my heart.
Memories indelible.
Trust us.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Trust or Not?

The friend who did not take my tags positive - It turned out the 'tag' wasn't her doing which I found it really really hard to believe. The wordings were similarly blunt as her usual replies.

I did not question further. I chose to trust her. Life's complicated enough; why make things hard for one another? A little trust and faith would help alot.

I knew my razor-sharp words had not been kind but I meant every word. Every word would have strung a nerve or two.

To you: I hope we have achieved a certain common understanding and the context of the issues. The strong faith and trust I hold in my friends, therefore I have only a few close friends. For only a few could make the grade and the friendships are lasting. Friends matter a great deal. Friendship is as good as I would never give up on you and hope you don't give up on me.

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